i get my periods once in 6-8monyhs,my hormome levels are normal,what is d remedy for this problem

i have consulted 4 doctors,they told that there is no problem n few were like it will become regular after marriage

If you are married, please go for sex and more sex. It is good for bringing all the mensis related issues to rest while keeping your husband happy. If you are unmarried and cannot have sex as an alternative, then eat fish twice a week and yoga and skipping as part of your daily regime. Towards the close of date of your mensis, eat hot food non vegetarians can have chicken, fish and egg in your daily diet. vegetarians can have clove based, spicy food such as biryani nicely spiced with clove and cinnamon, panipuri or samosas !! This is only for those who knows that hormones are usual and there is no problem in the imbalance of hormones in your body.