I have a bump on my vulva, I'm 17 and my period is irregular I have occasional spotting, any ideas on what it is?

It is common in teenage girls.
Remedies of bumps on vigina:-

  1. Keep clean your viginal area.
  2. Don’t use harsh soaps in these area.
  3. Wear cotton made lose panties. Avoid tight wears and synthitic panties and tight pants.
  4. Do not use hair removing creams for removing hair your vignal area.
  5. Take a balanced deit and drink lot of water daily.
  6. If you are sexualy active then use condom druring sex.
  7. Avoid oily and fried food.and junk food.
    Remedies of irregular periods n spotting:-
  8. If your are uderweight or over weight then improve it.
    2 check you are not anemic.
  9. Do not do over excercise.
  10. Take proper deit and aviod deiting.
  11. Be stress free.

Always keep clean your pvt area and wear cotton made panty.