i have cellulite and im 16

There is no surgical or machine or cream treatment for cellulite. The many highly advertised machines and creams AT BEST will produce a very slight improvement for a short time. Soon you are back to where you started. I am the chief investigator for an FDA cellulite study that may or may not produce favorable results. I have studied and know much about cellulite. I have attempted to treat cellulite and obviously still am. There are no treatments available that are worth the cost or even any cost.

Go and get cellulite massage from a great masseuse. This will produce temporary improvement and compression hose simultaneously also help. Do this once a week and wear compression hose and your cellulite looks better as long as you keep it up. I am all for massage but understand that it is temporary as are all cellulite treatments. THERE ARE NO PERMANENT CELLULITE TREATMENTS.

I TRULY BELIEVE THIS BASED ON MY 30 YEARS OF PLASTIC SURGERY. SO WHAT DOES WORK. First and foremost a person with cellulite must get to their ideal insurance chart weight. No excuses. If you want to minimize cellulite you must get to your ideal weight. Everyone can get to their ideal weight. They just have to want to bad enough.

Be wary of any and all fancy high technology equipment that at great cost is supposed to decrease you cellulite. These treatment do not produce meaningful long term results. For a brief period of say 3 to 6 months there may be a little improvement and thereafter all benefit of practical significance disappears. Could there be a 2% or 5% longer term improvement? I suppose, but do one side and not the other in the same person and you will not be able to identify it. Lose weight. At 16 years of age it is important to get a trainer. This will be dollars well spent. Hard work and weight loss will help your cellulite permanently.