I have heen throwing up daily.for a couple months.

I have been throwing daily for a few months. I havent had a period and im not. pregnant. My stomach hurts really bad all the time. Whats wrong with me?

Please see a doctor. How many times a day? After meals? You may have GERDS or an ulcer. My daughter vomits regularly without omeprazole rx. She is 2. Some things cannot be solved by herbal remedies. However if you insist, take 1-2drops of pure ginger or fennel essential oils in a glycerine veg capaule once. EOs are highly concentrated and dangerous in large amounts.

Do you drink on tap or filtered? Check your environment to make sure youre not being poisoned.

1-2 drops of peppermint, lemon or thieves oil in capsule helps neutralize stomach acid. Young living is safe to ingest. But please, see someone.