i have pcos and want your kind response.

Hello. I am 30yr old unmarried pcos patient. have irregular periods. weight 73 height 5.7. black thick hair on chin. after 4 months i am getting married. please give me some remdies. i want to get pregnant in a 1st month of marriage. plz do response. thanks. GOD bless u.

Often obesity and type 2 diabetes is concomitant with PCOS and it should be treated if the condition is present. Your BMI shows you are not overweight. Still always keep your weight in check.

If you’re trying to become pregnant, you may need a medication to help you ovulate. Your doctor may prescribe you clomiphene citrate and also may add metformin to help induce ovulation. Later, if medications don’t help you become pregnant, an outpatient surgery called laparoscopic ovarian drilling is an option for some women with PCOS.

Paying attention to the foods you eat and your activity levels may help you offset the effects of PCOS. Eat a well balanced diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains and drink plenty of water. Eat food that promotes blood circulation such as black soyabeans, brown sugar, chestnuts, peaches and sweet basil. Follow a low carbohydrate diet. Increase your consumption of omega 3 fatty acids, found in cod liver oil and fish such as salmon, mackerel.

If you have elevated level of testosterone, saw palmetto may help. Take 160mg of this herb twice daily.