I have precum leakage and urinary incontinence problem, it has happened for around 4 years now and Im 18 now.

I leak very small amount of urine at randoms times throughout the day. Even after i urinate , I squeeze , press on the perenium and do walking to get the urine out of the body, but still once i get out of bathroom i leak more, Its very annoying this problem, I also leak precum at night always. Sometimes quite alot , sometimes only abit. This is so fruatrating as I always always have to wash, Also when i Do hard stool, I leak white discharge , and this continues for 30 mins - 1 hour. PLEASE HELP ME DOCTORS !! I WANT CURE TO MY PROBLEM. oh and I have constipation alotnof times, I think due to stress of this problem. Please help docs. Thanks