I have stuffy nose plz help

About 8 month ago my family buy a cat but I am alergic to cat and sign of aathma accur I eat medicine like claricot or other of 5 days suggested by physician
About 2 time in that month then leaved the cat so my alergy of stuffy nose eye raishes and asthma attack gone
But after 3 months a small baby of cat can be leave at our hpiae by someone then there is np other option we take care of it my allergy at that time is noy very asthemoc pr eye rash but sttufy nose problem accur
Now I have taken many medicine from fake doctor and from a physician but mot get reault omly I damage from it plz plz suggest me a good medicine which not effect my throut bcoz I m a singer
Plz suggest me good medicine or advice thnxs

If you are allergic to something, the best option is to avoid it. As in your case it is better to stay away from cats.

Build up your immunity it may help. Apply clarified butter inside the nose first thing in the morning.