I need a home remedy that will get rid of lice and nits and eggs from home and hair

I have tried mayo and egg,crisco,karosene oil,wd40,the lice and nit shampoo kit nothing will keep these gross things away any suggestions please in need bad.

I don’t know anything other than getting them out by hand that works the best. For keeping them away, I put 15 to 20 drops of tea tree oil in my kids shampoo. I have 3 girls in elementary school with hair to their waist. They had lice 3 times last year and once at the beginning of this year. Ever since I put the tea tree oil in I have not had one single problem!

When it comes to lice & the kits aren’t seeming to work be sure of the type of Hair the child/person has. Most lice or not comes are made for normal to thick hair shafts. If each hair is fine or thin try a flea comb for cats, section out the hair into 2 inch sections starting @ the under or make of the neck. Run the flea comb thru from scalp to ends rinsing or wiping after each section. Continue all throughout the head. I had to use this technic on my youngest daughters hair after using 3 boxes of NIT shampoo. Do this till no lice or nits can be seen in the teeth of the comb. This may take a few days to rid your child of those nasty pests.
Lastly don’t wash your child’s hair daily as lice move easier in clean hair than dirty, can also put mousse in their hair to make it “dirty”