i was stroke by 'GBL SYNDROME' results in problem-vomiting during excitation.what is solution for relief?

GBL SYNDROME DISEASE…defected my nerve system so during excitation i feel to vomit and uncomfortable.

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as per my knowledge vomiting after excitation has nothing to do with GB syndrome, it may be due to anxiety, stress or over-excitement. anyway whatever may be the reason here are few tips to cope with it…

  • Do breathing exercise. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, then another. Let each breath out slowly. Repeat as needed.

  • Do regular exercise. Walking and stretching can soothe a stressed-out body or an over-excited mind.

  • Do meditation.

  • Eat and drink rightly. Peppermint tea or ginger soothe a nervous stomach or nausea. Also, stay hydrated.

  • Take adequate rest. Take naps and always get a good night sleep.