I'm twelve years old and experiencing puberty do you have any natural ways to be rid of acne?

She may be washing too much.Acne is an inflammatory condition caused by hormones that cause the oil glands to produce excess oil which then clogs pores. Too vigorous scrubbing increases the inflammation. Have her wash with a mild, fragrance free soap for sensitive skin. She may need to do an oral antibiotic like doxicyclin and use a different combination of topicals such as retin A, duac cream, benzaclin or benzamycin. All of these are by prescription. I would take her to a dermatologist. Also acne doesn’t go away over night. It takes a good 2 months on a regimen to start to see improvement and 6 months before her skin is really clear. Sometimes when you start a regimen it appears as if acne is getting worse. This is because there are the pimples that you see on the surface and then there are those that are already forming beneath the surface. Acne regimens exfoliate the skin so those developing underneath start to appear, so don’t give up on a regimen too soon.

Try Beta Carotene. It is as effective as Vitamin A, but is not fat soluble so you can take it daily. I had problems with acne as soon as I hit puberty and nothing worked at all for me until I started taking Beta Carotene daily. I took one a day every day until I was out of high school and never had a problem with acne again. The nice thing is it is pretty cheap (you find it in the vitamin section in your drugstore) and since you only need one a day one bottle lasts a long time