In what direction should one face when meditating?

Every religion / spiritual following states we should face east when we meditate and amazingly every religion has a different reason on why you should do it. Here is a quick rundown of what the pundits say:

In the Kundalini-Shakti tradition they state that subtle magnetic currents flow from East to West, so by facing East you can take advantage of the very subtle currents flowing into you.
The Buddhists believe facing East is the proper direction simply because Buddha reached enlightenment while facing the East Direction under the Bhodi Tree.
According to the Yogananda facing East seems to have significance to earth’s magnetic poles and the lines of force interaction with the magnetism in the human body. It facilites easier connection with God / Universe.
The Muslims believe you should never turn your back to the East and always face East because God is there.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar states: “Different reasons exist. The sun rises in the east. So you meditate facing east. Energy flows from where the sun is. So, when you face the sun, you are balanced.”
Its a belief in Hindu dharma / Eastern philosophy that all divine forces lie in the East as the sun also rises in the East. Similar to the Muslim’s, the Hindu’s believe that God lives in the east. The also state that the South is where evil forces lie and the West equally as negative.