increase fluid intake

Make that to-go.
When you’re running tons of errands or juggling job responsibilities, it’s harder to stay hydrated without giving in to convenience store or vending machine drink temptations. Fill a water bottle every morning and take it on your travels. Check out The Role of Water in Your Weight Loss.

Drink water before every meal or snack.
One simple way to increase water intake is to create this healthy habit: before each meal, even breakfast or a snack, drink a half glass or full glass of water. If you need a little flavor, indulge in tasty Strawberry-Basil Water

Dilute juices.
For some people, fruit and vegetable juices taste too thick
or sweet. Try diluting them with water or, for a fizzy kick,
use club soda.

Keep a water bottle with you at all times, especially in hotter weather.
Freeze bottled water overnight. That way, you can sip it as it thaws and it will stay cold longer
during the day as you work, play, or run errands.
Staying hydrated in the summer heat will help you stay energized and fit. Follow the easy steps
in this article for adequate fluid intake. And remember…don’t wait until you feel thirst to have a
drink. When you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated!