is acne hereditary

there is no straight forward answer to this question. Most likely acne has a hereditary component to it, but it is not completely a genetic disease. Let me explain. You may have heard that heart disease runs in families. If someone’s dad had a heart attack in their 40s, it is more likely that person will have a heart attack sometime in their life. However, not everyone with family members with heart disease are destined to get the same thing. The same is probably true for acne. There is not one gene responsible for developing acne. It is likely a combination of hundreds, if not thousands of genes that put someone at risk. The interaction of an individual’s genetic background (that comes from moms, dads, and grandparents) and their environment combine to determine if someone develops acne. The the short answer is, if you had acne, and your daughter had acne, your grandson probably has a higher risk of developing it. The good news is that today acne is very treatable. Your grandson’s pediatrician or family doctor is likely very knowledgeable about ways to prevent and treat many skin conditions. If necessary he or she may consult a dermatologist who can use even stronger medicines.

‘acne genes’ affect how sensitive your skin is to hormones, and because of this skin produces more sebum and has faster rate of skin cell growth. It is also known that genes influence the inflammatory response to bacteria and encourage the production of anti-inflammatory chemicals in the skin. Essentially, these genes affect how your skin reacts to bacteria and this reaction contributes to acne and blemishes.

Growing up as a kid, did you have severe acne? What about mild acne? Are you worried about your children getting acne? Worried they will go through the same struggles with it like you did? This is a common concern among parents. Growing up with acne can be really tough and in extreme cases, even cause teens to go through depression. It is perfectly natural to want to be protective of your teenage son or daughter. Unfortunately, skin type, oil production and ultimately acne are all pretty much hereditary