is banana good for cold and cough

Nutritionally moderate consumption of bananas during a cold or other upper respiratory infection can help not only get some energy, but also take in nutrients, such as sugar, protein, vitamins like carotene, minerals (potassium, magnesium), dietary fiber like pectin, aromatic substances like ethyl acetate, and so on. Among them, potassium, magnesium and other minerals can help balance the electrolyte imbalance caused by diarrhea or high fever and dietary fiber helps intestinal peristalsis.

If you ever tried to look for your answer online, probably you will get two opposing views. On the one side, gut feeling tells you that eating banana during a cold makes sense since this fruit contains a host of nutrients; on the other side, a lot of peoples will say this with such emphasis that banana aggravates colds. Now let’s find out if you feel confused by these two different opinions too.

Bananas are both nutritious and flavorful and what’s even better is that they come prepackaged! When you’re sitting at your desk mulling over your work, peel a banana, enjoy the fruit, and toss the peel – you don’t even need to get up to wash your hands when you’re done with your snack! So we know that bananas have many health benefits but could they have any negative effects

A common old wives’ tale is that eating bananas at night causes a cold, so let’s see if there is any merit to this claim.A cold is a contagious viral infection, so obviously eating bananas cannot cause a cold. You might start wonder at this point whether bananas can increase the risk of getting a cold.