is brandy good for cold and cough

Brandy and hot water, brandy and honey, brandy and hot milk are all age old remedies for winter coughs. These concoctions were especially given to children in cold regions, before they went to bed.

Salt water gargling is a good way to kill bacteria in the throat.

You can also try heating some rock salt and filling it in an old socks. (This can be done easily if you have a microwave at home). Place the salt filled hot socks where your throat tickles the most.

Try home remedies such as fresh ginger juice and honey or warm milk and "kachchi haldi’.

Winter colds can be cured by drinking herbal teas using fresh basil (tulsi), and cloves (laung).

Try and improve your immunity by eating healthy foods. If you are a non-vegetarian then drink home made chicken soup. Paya (trotters) are also very good for winters.

It is true that some alcohols can work efficiently to reduce the problems of cough and cold. Though alcohol does not carry any type of anti infection properties, it can just sooth the symptoms and discomfort caused by cough and cold. It can reduce the pain and stiffness in the body but you should consume it in particular measurement only.

Remember that alcohol can lead to dehydration so better to consume lots of fluids along with brandy or whisky for cough reduction. To avoid hangover, follow this brandy remedy just before going to bed. Avoid taking any other medication along with the brandy or whisky remedy.