is cellulite a disease

Everything that alters and blocks circulation can determine the development of cellulite: an excessively sedentary life, the absence of movement, habitually wearing clothes that are too tight, which reduce blood flow in the long-term.
When our circulation is compromised, cells and blood vessels no longer receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients, and can be subject to inflammations, with a consequent loss of tone and elasticity of tissues.
Steps should be taken to correct our habits during this first stage.

If we neglect the problem, the flow of blood to the tissues deteriorates, the capillaries become more fragile and even a small bump can cause extensive movements of fat cells, altering the collagen tissue and reinforcing the fatty tissue, which becomes harder, more compact and sometimes painful. At this point, it is a good idea to carry out specific treatments to rebalance the absorption of fat and reactivate the blood circulation.
Beyond this stage, cellulite can become a real health problem because it starts to block circulation on its own, causing even worse problems.

Cellulite can also be favoured by a lazy lymphatic system.
Like the circulatory system, the lymphatic system carries nourishment, particularly proteins, stimulates the production of white blood cells and helps purify the organism from excess fluids and waste.
Besides causing lymph to stagnate and various health problems, such as lymphedema, the incorrect function of this system can cause swelling, weight gain and cellulite.

It goes without saying that, in order to fight cellulite, it is necessary to adapt the way we eat, avoid drastic diets and adopts healthy, everyday eating habits, starting by drawing up a good shopping list. To reactivate lymphatic circulation, we can have massages and undertake a correct sporting activity. Modern technological science offers us a range of treatments.

General Project has drawn up an effective technology to fight cellulite which uses ultrasound to reactivate the circulation and release lymphatic stagnation. A specific machine, controlled by a user-friendly touch screen, from which to select the best programme among those available for the areas to be treated, is used.

Thanks to the double adjustable low-frequency ultrasound, MC1 - Med Contour by General Project goes to work deep down to treat the excess fat and eliminate the unsightliness caused by cellulite, with benefits for the whole lymphatic system.

Regardless of the aesthetic benefits, the in-depth action of MC1 - Med Contour prevents lymphatic stagnation and improves blood flow, as well as having a very relaxing effect n the muscles, which is evident right from the first applications.
As an aid to maintain the results obtained, it is important to drink lots of fluids – two litres of low-sodium mineral water and herbal teas that favour diuresis – and walk quickly for at least 15 minutes a day.