is cellulite fascia

Fascia- the connective tissue that holds your body together; is slowly gaining the recognition it deserves. Without fascia we would be quite jiggly and loose, it is a necessary glue to keep us in one upright piece. I like to think of it as the white film around a hard boiled egg. If you try and peel your egg without getting that connective tissue off, it makes it so much harder to get to the egg white

So what happens when fascia gets tight, distorted or rigid? Well, that is where that tight feeling in your hamstrings comes from, creates those lumpy looking chunks in your rear end, and causes pain like plantar fasciitis.

As you age, workout and sit still your fascia becomes a little more sticky and creates adhesions. These adhesions can restrict movement, create a tight feeling around the muscle like wearing jeans that are way too tight, and lead to injury if left untreated.

Lucky for us movers and shakers there are quite a few tools to help get our fascia back into tip top shape. Each tool can focus on the fascia system in a different way, so use a mixture of a few or combine them all for the best results