is cellulite ugly

We make ourself unactrative by looking at our outer apparence. We are human and will do that! You exchange that nice tight smooth skinfor a dimpled ugly looking skin, because we focus on that we think everybody does

I think we put the “unattractive” in cellulite because we focus so much on it. But we honestly do not have to settle for it, I searched and found a secret……you too can have a smooth skin again

It’s mainly girls that care a lot more than guys, because it just looks unappealing. No one has it because they choose to. I tried all manners of cures and creams and nothing was effective, it made my skin look unnatural, or even worse, it worked but then stopped working whenever I stopped using a program.

. I gave up on all that unnatural crap now, it’s better to use natural methods to get rid of cellulite. I follow this guide: Critical Methods to get rid of cellulite - Cookbook Chest and I’ve seen a serious reduction in my cellulite, and it gets even better every day. Natural methods once again are proven to be superior. I’m not even that selfconscious about the little cellulite I still have.