is coffee good for cold and cough

Coffee is good for cough. I agree with Amit’s answer that on the surface anything which dehydrates isn’t good for health. And it’s probably not. It’s good for post-infection cough though.

I take a lot of honey when I am sick, and a cup of coffee soothes my throat. I also take honey in warm water and also sometimes with lemon. Vit C helps build immunity.

I am also citing a study done in Tehran here which shows dramatic effects of coffee and honey together for post-infection cough syndrome.

Caffeine dehydrates which in turn hinders optimal health. It is a bigger no no if having flu\fever as you are asked to have lots of liquid and stay hydrated.
Caffeine will hide your body signals like it’s time to rest, pushing recovery however it will keep you more effective to whatever you have to do.

No, coffee is not bad for a cough. My doctor once told me that it’s actually therapeutic to drink coffee when you have bronchial and/or respritory infections. I think that the caffeine helps to open up your bronchial tubes somehow. Plus the heat of the coffee is soothing for your throat. Have you ever heard that asthmatics should drink black coffee if they don’t have access to an inhaler when they have an attack? I think it’s the same principle.

Been coughing for a month now and was surprised to find that i hadn’t coughed the whole afternoon - the only thing i did differently than usual was have a cup of coffee. Before this i had consumed various home remedies, numerous over the counter cough syrups, as well as antibiotics and prescription cough medicine - none of 'em worked. Have also found this link which quotes the above conversation