is cold and cough a symptom of pregnancy

As common as colds are, it is no surprise that you stand a good chance of getting one while pregnant. The only thing is, when you’re expecting, weathering a cold or a nagging cough goes beyond the simple logistics of seeking relief from your symptoms–after all, now you have a baby and you have its health to think about as well. For a rundown on the available treatment options that can keep both you and your baby comfortable during cold season

In general, coughs and colds are not dangerous conditions. They might be annoying and make you feel awful, but neither presents a real risk to your health or the health of your baby.

However, if you are ill for more than a few days, develop a high fever, have a severe sore throat, or are worried that your symptoms seem unusual, you may have the flu, strep throat or a sinus infection and should see your doctor right away. The flu is much worse than the common cold and can make pregnant women much sicker than those who are not pregnant. Protect yourself against the flu by getting your flu vaccination eartly on. The flu vaccination is recommended for all pregnant women.

Sinus infections are relatively common in pregnancy because of the increased nasal congestion, and fighting one may require the use of antibiotics. Women with asthma should pay special attention to their breathing and see their practitioner without delay if they are having difficulty.

cold and flu during pregnancy

If you develop a severe cough, rest assured that the fetus is protected inside your uterus–you cannot cough so hard that you miscarry or go into labor. However, the loss of urine is, unfortunately, pretty common. Probably the best thing you can do about stress urinary continence is to empty your bladder frequently and practice your kegel exercises.