is colon cleanse safe during pregnancy

Non-pregnant individuals take laxatives to help them eliminate those toxins from their body. Most of the time, this will make them move their bowel every after meal, or every time their body is full. This is why it is imperative that if you’re planning on colon cleansing, you should be at home because you’ll find yourself going to the bathroom every once in a while

Aside from taking laxatives, women who colon cleanse don’t eat fatty foods. Some people, on the other hand, fast to help them clean up their system.
The only thing that they’d take is breakfast (non-fatty) and drink water all throughout the day.It is obvious that pregnant women can’t go on a diet.

They need food to help them throughout the day, not to mention that the unborn fetus is depending on the nutrients from the food that they eat. Laxatives are not recommended for pregnant women as this is contraindicated during pregnancy. Your OB-GYN wouldn’t even recommend that you either go on a diet, fast or just drink water to help you get rid of the toxins inside your body.
If you’re pregnant and have been wanting to colon cleanse, I hate to burst your bubble but you can’t do it like how other people normally do. Taking any kind of medication that is not prescribed by your OB-GYN is a big no-no, and suppressing your appetite and depriving yourself from food won’t do any good to you and your baby at the same time.

your body goes through a lot of changes and you need food to help you cope up with all of these changes.
If you don’t eat the right diet during pregnancy, the chances that your baby’s development will be stunted are high. At all costs, avoid the conventional methods of detoxifying.