Is Dairy product good in knee arthritis?

Arthritis, joint pain, muscle aches. They’ve plagued us all at some point or another. But can joint pain be preventable through a mere change in diet? Possibly. Studies have shown those who eat a higher plant-based (vegan) diet not only experience a greater sense of wellness, but also a dramatic reduction in disease, osteoporosis, joint pain, arthritis, and general muscle aches. The removal of red meat from a person’s diet is a great idea to initiate the reduction of joint pain and other types of pains since red meat is highly acidic, inflammatory, and has been linked to cancer. But is removing red meat (and even fish, turkey, chicken, and pork) enough? Apparently not.

Dairy has been shown to be one of the most prominent foods to cause joint pain, arthritis, diabetes, and yes, cancer too. It’s been linked to body pains, headaches, poor exercise recovery, allergies, and digestive issues. It’s acidic, said to promote excess mucus, and is often filled with excess hormones, pesticides, bacteria, and inhumanity