Is green alcohol good to relieve gout?

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of agonising gout attacks, as it can affect gut bacteria, experts have said.

They said following a high fibre diet combats the razor sharp crystals that form in and around the joints and under the skin.

Gout is caused by too much uric acid in the bloodstream, which causes urate crystals to start to form in and around the joints and under the skin.

The condition affects about one in 100 people, with men two to three times more likely to be affected than women. However the condition can sometimes affect post-menopausal women

Gout is commonly associated with drinking too much.

Research has revealed men who drink more than two drinks a day could increase their chance of getting gout.

Too much alcohol increase uric acid production and reduces the body’s ability to get rid of it. Some experts argue that drinking wine is better for gout sufferers than beer.

The condition is a metabolic disease in which crystals of uric acid - a waste product in the blood - form in the body’s tissues or joints.

However research has shown the action of gut microorganisms, influenced by different types of food, can affect inflammation in the body.

Fruit and vegetables in particular trigger the bacteria to produce short chain fatty acids (SCFAs).