Is it dangerous to ingest aromatherapy oregano oil?

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, essential oils have taken the natural health world by storm. As someone who uses essential oils for my own wellness (update: and who now has an essential oil company called Meo Energetics) I understand the amazing properties of these natural remedies.

The fervent marketing of two popular brands of essential oils has introduced many people to these powerful tools for health. On the flip side, I’m left concerned about the lack of proper safety precautions, particularly when it comes to ingesting essential oils. As shown in many studies such as this one, where essential oils measured up to the headache-relieving properties of Tylenol, essential oils are as powerful as pharmaceuticals.

I feel fully confident in stating essential oils are safer than pharmaceuticals. But I encourage due caution and consideration when using essential oils, especially because most of the circulating information about oils carries the weight of multi-level-marketing industry bias.