Is it recommendable to use fluticasone propionate for your ear?

Fluticasone nasal spray is used to prevent, or ease, rhinitis. This is a condition where the inside of your nose becomes inflamed and irritated. Common symptoms include sneezing, a blocked or congested nose, a watery discharge (runny nose), and an itchy nose. It is commonly caused by allergies, such as hay fever. Fluticasone belongs to a group of medicines called corticosteroids. It reduces inflammation and swelling and so relieves the congestion, itching, sneezing, irritation and discomfort of nasal allergies.

Fluticasone nasal spray is prescribable by a doctor and there are several different brands available. You can also buy smaller packs of some brands without a prescription at pharmacies.

The Dymista® brand of fluticasone spray also contains a medicine called azelastine. Azelastine is an antihistamine. Antihistamines help to ease the symptoms of rhinitis too.

Fluticasone nose drops (brand Flixonase® Nasule) are used for nasal polyps. Polyps are small growths inside the nose that can cause symptoms similar to allergic rhinitis.