Is the government hiding a cure for cancer?

Of course not

If the government actually did hide a cure, and they released released it eventually, the uproar of the people would be overwhelming. Furthermore, why would the government hide it for money? The medical industry would mabye, but i dont think the government would because the government could just print cash anytime. Even if the medical industry DID found a cure for cancer, they could just charge the drug at an obnoxiously high price and counter ther loss of those useless drugs that dont cure cancer.

Of course they have it

The government have the cure for cancer but won’t realise it because they would lose so much money. They wouldn’t need to be prescribing drugs which the government earn money from, they wouldn’t need all these cancer nursing doctors which earn a lot of money from these charities such as Macmillan etc. We should let this be known to the world what the government our trying to do so those who have died from cancer haven’t died in vain.

Obviously not you retards

First of all there’s more than 1 government are you saying that places with GOVERNMENT paid health care are hiding a cure that would save billions cancer most likely doesn’t have a one size fits all cure it is a collection of over 200 different mutations in the body however we are getting closer all the time to several cures for different types however