is the patient always right

Patients always goes to see a doctor because they are not well.

Patients approaches a doctor because there is something wrong with
them and they obviously need help. If the patient has money they can pay
for their medical need instantly without any obstacles, whereas, the NHS
patient who is being seen in primary care by a GP is not given enough
attention or time that they might require.

What makes a patient always right is that they are seeking help, and
the way that help is provided by the NHS nowadays is questionable.

Misbehaviour does not necessarily involve being abusive without
cause. The patient might be in extreme pain sychiatric problems, a drug
abuser or an alcoholic, it is the staff in the front-line who need to be
trained to deal with such things, bad behaviour in the extreme should not
be tolerated, but should be seen as a cry for help and the approach should
be psychological. This comes under staff training which is lacking
desperately all over the country. People working in sensitive areas such
as healthcare should be sensitive to others needs. It should be the
responsibility of the GP and the health authority to see that staff are
adequately trained and prepared to receive all kinds of patients.No matter
what the treatment
must not be denied or remove patient from hospitals or GP surgery one must
find the reason and solution/treatment