Is there a Vitamin supplement that repairs torn cartilage?

artilage regeneration supplements are pills that contain a form of glucosamine, usually glucosamine sulphate, which is regarded as one of the best forms of glucosamine. It is also rather small in dimensions and is absorbed readily by the cartilage. Though there are already bountiful amounts of sulfur in the joints, the supplements help create links between them. This helps the cartilage to grow stronger, eventually allowing it to handle certain levels of shock from possible impacts.

One of the best cartilage regeneration supplements available is Vital Strength Sports Cartilage Repair. These pills are best suited for sports enthusiasts who are always on some form of training and put a lot of pressure on their joints. The difference of this cartilage supplement with others is that it contains only glucosamine, not the sulfate form. It also has an addition of vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. Even though it is said that glucosamine sulphate is the best form of glucosamine, Vital Strength’s cartilage supplements work very well with the joints in the body. It is probably attributable to the combination of the compounds comprising in the pills working together.