Is there any alternative treatment for the Epstein-Barr virus?

There are a number of treatment approaches for EBV. The main goals of treatment are to inhibit the growth of the virus and to boost the immune system to optimize the body’s own defenses against the virus.
One option is to take anti-viral drugs such as Zovirax® and Valtrex®. Their active ingredients are acyclovir and valcyclovir respectively. These drugs act to alter the viral DNA so that the virus cannot replicate. Unfortunately, acyclovir and valcyclovir act at a late stage of viral replication, when viral DNA is already being made, which means that a lot of what the EBV does during an infection has already been done. Anti-viral drugs such as these have limited usefulness in infectious mononucleosis, and are not commonly used. Other drug treatments for EBV include acetaminophen to reduce fever, and corticosteroids if the symptoms of pharyngitis are severe.

Another option is to use natural treatments to both boost the immune system and suppress the virus. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables while avoiding simple sugars, alcohol and caffeine will help to support the immune system. Adequate rest and sleep are also important. Stress, whether physiological or emotional, takes its toll on immune function, so any measures that can reduce or help manage stress are important.
The most exciting development in the area of natural treatments for EBV has come from research on an herb named Larrea tridentata. Larrea products containing concentrated leaf resin have been shown to have significant anti-viral and antioxidant activity.

Natural ingredients from Larrea leaf resin inhibit viral replication by at least three documented mechanisms. At least two of the active ingredients in Larrea act to inhibit the activity of a certain gene promoter that is important for viral replication. When they inhibit this promoter, the appropriate gene cannot work and the viruses cannot function in the process of making more viruses. Larrea comes in an oral dietary supplement, and in lotion and spray forms.
Many people have reported benefit from taking one to two Larrea leaf resin capsules daily. Larrea naturally helps combat the virus, while also supporting the immune system. Taking oral Larrea leaf resin capsules during and after an episode of infectious mononucleosis can also help prevent the chronic fatigue that may otherwise linger for weeks or months even after the other symptoms of the infection have cleared.