Is there any pill for procrastination or anything that improves it?

Most people have goals. They want to write more. Produce more. Start a business. Do the chores.
And if you really want to do something, and you enjoy doing it, you may not face too much of a motivation challenge.
Except that the things worth doing probably involve some stuff that’s not too much fun.
Like editing your book or rewriting (which can be SO frustrating). Or sending out query emails.
Or fixing your website.
Or doing client work.
If you have a “real job” you can often feel that just “getting through the day” is enough. If you eat healthy and exercise a little you may even feel pretty proud of yourself. Time to relax and watch House of Cards.

Sometimes you even really feel like cleaning up your room, organizing your bookshelf, painting the house. But it also lets me keep my butt in the chair for 12 hours easily moving down my to-do list. And it’s not just productivity: I also find it enhances my writing and speech capabilities.
My thoughts are clearer and more fluid. I’m able to organize massive amounts of information in my head (not recall though, and I’m finding I have a little trouble remembering specifics things…). For insight, plotting out novels, and blazing through a rough draft (I can type 10,000 words on a good day) there’s nothing better.

Socially it makes me talkative and outgoing, calmly confident, but also gives me a sharp, critical edge. It removes my filter and I can accidentally say mean or harsh things I otherwise wouldn’t say. Like with anything, there are pros and cons.
For staying in and getting work done, I like to take it once or twice a week to catch up on things.
There are lots of different kinds of “smart drugs” out there for you to research… I’ve tried piracetam and others in that family but they didn’t work on me. I’ve found noopept – an unregulated substance developed in Russia and sold freely on eBay – to work moderately well.