justin furstenfeld when the music strikes a chord

Believe it or not, my teenagers and I actually have similar taste in music, so I was excited when my daughter blew a wad of money – her own money – on a whole bunch of new CDs. Among her acquisitions was Foiled by Blue October. Excellent! I knew two of their songs from the radio and I liked them both, so I snagged the CD.

Actually, “liked” isn’t quite the right word. When I first heard Hate Me, Justin Furstenfeld’s velvet voice caught my attention, but the words entranced me.

When he sings, you believe him. The chorus begs you to “Hate me today. Hate me tomorrow. Hate me for all the things I didn’t do for you.” I want that! I want to have the strength to tell people that I am ok with whatever they think of me if that is what works for them. How did Justin do it? So I cranked up the speakers and dove into the CD. After I listened to Hate Me about five times, I move on to the other songs.

I only got to have the CD for a few hours before my daughter demanded it back, but it was long enough for me to discover “X Amount of Words”

Prevent trigger intent
Now drown
High strung
Say X amount of words
You’re solar, bipolar
Panic disorder
Seems harder and harder and harder
Still you try to control it