Knee pain of senior citizens

i am 70 yrs old male.normal health is good.for the past few months iam
having pain while climbing stairs.mine is beginning stage of advanced age.i walk daily for 45mts.i have stopped it necessary to take
any medicines or food suppliments to prevent further deterioration.
is it adviseble to use knee braces.please advise

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You might be suffering from osteoarthritis, the kind that most frequently coincides with aging, the cartilage around the joints starts to thin down or disappear. Overuse may be the root of the problem.

Walk softly. Don’t put your heels, ankles, feet, or knees through much stress. Reduce your walking time by 10-15 minutes. Walking for 25-30 minutes is just fine.

Reduce weight if you are overweight as arthritis gets worse more rapidly in overweight individuals.

Apply a package of frozen peas to the affected area which will ease the pain.

Apply capsaicin cream, made from the active ingredient in hot peppers, which has been shown to ease arthritis pain when used regularly.

Take one teaspoon of evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, or fish oil
any of these each day, it may lightly ease some of the inflammatory aspects of arthritis. All contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Eat cold water fish or salmon, if you’re a fish-eater.

Consult doctor before using knee braces.

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