Lately i have been breaking out on my face, what is the best way to clear up my face ASAP aside from my facewash?

To get it to ease in a certain acne problem use asprine. Put a drop of water in a bowl then put two asprine in the bowl mix them to make a paste then put it in the acne spot for a hour clean it off then you should start to see it a it mostly clear within a hour.

PS you can put honey with it to make it stay on better but you don’t have to

I’m not sure if this is really going to be greatly helpful, but I used to break out a lot, until I started washing my face with hot water until I couldn’t feel oil on my hands from my face, then after that just rise with cold water to close the pores on your face. Prevents oil from getting in. Once I started doing that daily it cleared up and now I rarely get one. This I without soap by the way. Just while in the shower or at a sink.