Left Testicles Become Egg Size Incomparision Right Due to Orchitis

Hi, I am suffering from Orchitis Problem of Left Testicles. The Left Testicles is Like an Egg Size incomparision to right. The problem is due to infection and not sexual problem. I have take the treatment of Homeopathy around 1 year but the size of the testicles is not reduce. Kindly provide me some home remedies for quick treatment of Orchitis.

Orchitis is treated in different ways depending on what has caused it, and how advanced it is. Bacterial infections are usually treated with antibiotics, while the symptoms of viral infections are treated with anti-inflammatories.

In rare cases, surgery may be called for. Your doctor will tell you more about the treatment options that make sense for you.

It can cause many complications, if not treated promptly.

Orchitis can lead to infertility, scrotal abscess or fistula, or problems with blood flow to the testicles.