low carb mexican food no problema

Skip the chips, but keep the guacamole – Not only is it delicious, it has a high nutritional content. Ask if the restaurant has cucumber or jicama slices to dip. If not, save the guacamole to have with your main dish.

Ceviche – Citrus-marinated seafood that varies from area to area, often served with chopped raw vegetables such as bell pepper, onion, and parsley. Be daring and try ceviche – you may get hooked!

Albóndigas Soup – Meatballs and veggies in a broth base. The meatballs usually have some rice in them, so this is probably not for a very low-carb diet phase.

Salads – As an appetizer or side dish, or make it a meal with some carne asada or other protein on top.

Main Dishes
Seafood - Coastal Mexican food often revolves around grilled seafood with light and delicious sauces (salsas). If you seldom cook fish at home, take this opportunity to get a protein source consistently correlated with good health.

Grilled Meats - Carne asada (steak grilled with Mexican spices) or chicken dishes, sometimes served with grilled veggies and always with salsas.

Fajitas - Need I say more? The classic low-carb Mexican dish – widely available. Who needs a tortilla?

Mole - Mole (pronounced moe-lay) sauces vary. Some are sweet, but some are not very carby, consisting of complex mixtures of chilies, spices, seeds, and often chocolate. Most often seen with chicken.

Chili Verde - A spicy stew, usually made with pork.

Tostada Salads - But skip the shell.

Machaca – My favorite Mexican breakfast – Eggs, beef, and veggies sautéed together. Very satisfying.