mouth freshener

Fennel seeds or saunf
Fennel seeds are routinely chewed upon after meals to alleviate indigestion. But did you know that they are excellent mouth fresheners too? They increase saliva production and help fight germs causing bad breath. They also help reduce burping and acid reflux. Chew on a few seeds to sweeten your breath naturally.

Mint or pudina
Most of the breath fresheners available in the market have mint as their main ingredient. Mint leaves, great for garnishing dishes, can freshen up your breath instantly with their strong and cooling effect. Just munch on a few raw mint leaves or have a cup of mint tea.

Anise seeds or chotisaunf
They are a popular ingredient in desserts and baked products. They are also used to flavour liquor. Anethole present in these seeds gives them the characteristic sweet, aromatic flavour. Anise seeds’ strong aroma with antibacterial property makes them an effective breath freshener. You can either munch on them or soak them in boiling water to use as a natural mouthwash.

Parsley or ajamod
Do you find parsley to be a useless garnish on your dish? Well, think again. Parsley contains chlorophyll which has germ-fighting qualities. Save it for the end of your meal. It is an excellent breath freshener. Its oil is used in some breath fresheners and also in soaps and perfumes as a fragrance.