My age is 29, I have hyperthyroidism,before, diagnosing hyperthyroidism,

Please read my question and advice doctor.

My age is 29; I have hyperthyroidism (TSH - 0.015 mlu/L, FT4 - 6.35 ng/dl) for past nine month, now i have Erectile Dysfunction. The testosterone (Level- 56.9nmol/L) and erection doesn’t occur. i don’t have sexual feeling. Before nine months i had very normal sexual life. Before, diagnosing hyperthyroidism, I have this ED problem. Is this interred related with hyperthyroidism or should I take treatment separately with sexologist.

Your answer is it may be due to the side effect of drug propanolol which you are taking. Consult your doctor for other possible drug to replace propanolol.

but, The problems are before taking carbimazole & propanolol.

please advice doctor,