my baby is not sucking left side breast feeding. why?

Hello doctor, I am mubeena I’ve 1 month old baby girl .15 days before she was not
Not sucking at all. So doctor said to give her lactogen. I’m trying to give my breast
Milk. Now she is sucking properly, but only taking right side nipple perfectly. She
Doesn’t take left side nipple in her mouth. Howrever she is trying to take but it slips
I don’t know why? It slips always. My right side nipple she take correctly. If I give
Left side nipple she cry always. I’m getting pain in my right breast because she
Only suck right side. What should I do? And this much milk is not enough fo her.
She wants more so i’m giving lactogen more than my breast feeding. Doctor said
to give breast feeding more than lactogen. Pls solve my problem. Thank u…