my breast is getting harder and overflowing of milk.why?

Hello doctor this is mubeena I had forgot to write 1sentence . My breast is becoming harder
& getting bigger & bigger . Milk is over flowing from my breast my dress is getting wet.
It is not stopping. I m worrying pls suggest any treatment for my problem and for my baby .
My baby is not sucking & she is losing weight.Her weight was 2.4 kg first time now she is 2.2
I am very much worrying about her health pls help me .Thank u.

When you have too much milk, your baby may fill up on foremilk and stop breastfeeding before getting very much hind milk. Foremilk is low-fat, watery milk compare to hindmilk. Hindmilk is more filling and helps to satisfy your baby’s hunger.

 Here are few tips:

		Wear a proper fitted nursing bra.
		Express some breast milk before feeding your baby, but do not completely empty the breast of milk. If you pump too much, milk production increases.
		Breastfeed in a reclined position. Try to breastfeed while lying back with your baby above you. Nursing against gravity may help to slow down the flow of milk.
		Feed your baby from the same breast for a few feedings in a row. This will allow your baby to get more hindmilk and decrease stimulation to the other breast. 
		Apply cold compresses on your breasts to ease your discomfort and help decrease your milk supply.
		Check your thyroid function.