my pee is come out evry 3 or 5 minutes almost 5 years until now what should i do?

I remember almost 5years my pee is not normal even im sleepy evry mins come out.and in 2yrs until now I have uti so doctor give me midecene and back fell good my problem is about pee is difficult for me evry minute come out.thanks and also my heart maybe sometimes I feel pain

Having a urinary tract infection that is untreated can cause your symptoms. Have you tried drinking cranberry juice? The acidity coats the wall of the bladder and makes it almost impossible for the bacteria to stick to the bladder walls. You also may want to have your prostate examined. Your symptoms are characterisric of an enlarged prostate. Wishing you the very best!

Drink lots of pure natural cranberry juice (it tastes very tart), also take a high dose citrus supplement in pill form. If it is a uti and you leave it untreated it can travel to your kidneys which can be very dangerous.