my period stops about 2 week & i have fever & vomiting

I had sex 1week before my period starts. But the date of my period was passed about 2 week
Now I have fever, vomiting continuously. If I take any food I feel like vomiting and all gets out.
I feel sickness, I want to sleep whole day I can’t do any work if I get up from bed I feel I will vomit. Is these a sign of pregnancy and only 2 week period stop means I get pregnant. Pls help me I don’t want to get pregnant. Is there any home remedy or any pills I can take so that my period start. I don’t want to consult doctor pls help me…

                                                    Thank u.

Yes, it all depends on when you ovulated. Most likely you didn’t ovulate a week before your period, as that is a bit unusual. But could happen…get pregnancy kit from pharmacy and test at home.

Your sickness may be because of other reasons also. If it continues then consult doctor.

Theoretically, a woman can get pregnant at any time during their menstrual cycle, as ovulation can rarely occur at random times. In a patient with very regular cycles, it would be unlikely to get pregnant this late in the cycle, but could occur.

There is always a possibility of pregnancy if you are having unprotected intercourse. It is best to always use a condom and another form of birth control - that way you’re protected from std’s and pregnancy as much as possible (except for not having sex at all). Women have even become pregnant while bleeding (during their period).

It is very possible to get pregnant a week before your period since everyone ovulates at different times.i had gotten pregnant once before only two days after my period.Different people ovulate at different times.Best bet is to get a pregnancy test.
yes you can get pragnet at any time after you have had your first period in life. periods don’t men that that’s the only time in the month when you can get pragnent. it just means that its the time of month when your eggs are the most fertile

Yes,it may be a sign of pregnancy.
You can check it at home with pregnancy kit.