my wife has lower abdominal pain and pain when urinating what could be causing this?

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More then likely a bladder infection/ possible kidney infection if the pain is in her side back area it has spread to kidney infection.

I get these a lot those are systems of a UTI she needs antibiotics and can get med for pain form Dr also cranberry juice will help

Sounds like a UTI. You will need to go to the doctor and get antibiotics. In the mean time. Go to Walmart get some AZO STANDARD it will help relive some of the discomfort. Drink alot of water to. But go to the doctor. This will only help. It will NOT clear up an infection

although a bladder infection is the most logical basic diagnosis
if she has discomfort often and they can’t find infection
she could have interstitial cystitis. they will automatically see blood cells
how to make sure that there is an actual infection.
so I would recommend seeing a urologist.

  • women who are put on antibiotics should always follow up with a probiotic
    my doctor recommended repHfresh pro- B
    which is specifically for the bladder.
    a secondary note, my OB GYN Dr help me solve a lot of issues.
    Best wishes