Need some alternative medicine suggestions for chronic uticaria.

I have been diagnosed with auto immune thyroid. I have had chronic uticaria for 9 plus years now. I have been on and off steroids for flare ups. Not happy with diagnosis or treatment. I’m over weight and have a real difficulty getting exercise with the hives because sweating aggrivates its so much. I’m looking for alternative ways, cheaply, to take back control over this. It’s been so debilitating. I saw Joe Cross on your show and it sounded good. Low funds so buying a fancy juicer may be tough. Please help.

Research shows that there is a significant association between chronic urticaria and thyroid autoimmunity. In your case, chronic hives are caused by an underlying health condition so they are improved accordingly.
Build up your immunity. To maintain good health, efficient immune system is the key factor. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables.
Avoid all of these -stress, smoking, excess alcohol, caffeine, seafood, processed food, spicy food, food additives, pesticides, pollution.
Take proper sleep
Do meditation and breathing exercises.