nephrotic syndrome

My 7yrs daughter diagnosis nephrotic syndrome since 5yrs old. We consumed modern doctor medivine. Pls advise us natural remedies to solve this problem.

Treatment for nephrotic syndrome is to treat the underlying condition that’s causing it. Young children who get treatment usually get better and have no lasting problems. Take all your medicines as prescribed, even after your daughter start to feel better. Talk to doctor if she have any side effects. See doctor regularly to have kidney function checked. Children usually need to see a doctor more often than adults do. Also, make sure your doctor knows about all the medicines, vitamins, or herbal supplements given to her. This means anything taking with or without a prescription.

Changes in the diet may help to cope with nephrotic syndrome. Your doctor may refer to a dietitian to discuss how what she eat can help you cope with the complications of nephrotic syndrome. A dietitian may recommend:

  • Cut down on salt.

  • Choose foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

  • Choose lean sources of protein. Follow your doctor’s advice for the amount of protein she need in her diet.