Parasitic worms for Crohns in my 12 year old son, is it a cure?

My 12 year old son has Crohns & Himira isn’t helping 100%,. His GI dr added 15mg Methotrexate to his meds. I don’t like this, but he needs to get better. I heard about Helminthic therapy. What can u tell me about it? And uss there a trial occurring here in the USA?

Helminthic therapy is a type of immunotherapy and is currently being studied and also available as a treatment for crohn’s disease.

It is good to take high fiber diet such as whole grains, oat bran, unpolished rice, bananas, fruits and vegetables with skin which aids the digestive system only if digestive system accepts it. Fish oil as it contain omega-3 fatty acid has been proved as an effective medicine for this condition and is also great for the health of the intestines.

Drinking plenty of liquids is another way to keep body hydrated and help flush out the toxins.

Relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga will also help.