pilates arm reach pull how to

Pilates is an excellent exercise system for golfers who want to improve their swings. The purpose of most Pilates exercises is to strengthen and tone the muscles while developing keen control of those muscles. If you are experiencing inconsistency in your golf swing and want to try to cultivate a tendency toward more controlled, fluid movement, Pilates exercises that focus on the shoulders may help give you the strength and control you need.

This is a simple, no-impact shoulder exercise that is perfect for warming up before golfing or before more rigorous exercise. Perform this move by standing up perfectly straight with your feet together, your spine elongated and your chest pushed slightly outward. Raise your chin slightly, relax your shoulders and let your arms drop to your sides as you breath deeply, then raise your arms straight out in front of you so that they are parallel to the floor. As you inhale deeply, stretch your arms and fingertips forward and extra inch or two and hold this position throughout your breath.

Your shoulder should move forward slightly, but not up. Exhale deeply as you pull your arms back. On the next inhale, slowly push your shoulders back as if you were trying to get your shoulder blades to touch. Hold this pose through the end of the breath, then exhale deeply as you push your arms and shoulder forward again. Repeat this exercise, alternating between pushes forward and pulls back, up to 19 more times.