pilates hacks for when you travel

Learn a Few Pilates Routines
Bookmark any of these great Pilates routines, like the Quick Workout and 20 Core Minutes Workout. All of the workouts are mobile-friendly, so give them a try on your smartphone or tablet. If you won’t have Internet access while you’re away, write down an exercise routine beforehand or print out this list of classic Pilates mat exercises.

Pack Small Equipment
There is no piece of equipment you must have to do Pilates, which is part of the appeal, but packing along a small piece or two of equipment can be a great motivator, so long as it’s not an inconvenience to fit inside your suitcase. There are plenty of small pieces of Pilates equipment you can easily take with you.

Take a Magic Circle
The Pilates magic circle, also known as the Pilates ring and exercise ring, adds an infinitesimal amount of weight to your luggage and hardly takes up any space.

The great thing about packing a piece of equipment like the magic circle is that it raises the commitment factor. Plus, magic circles are so great for targeting specific muscle groups.