psoriasis recovering- skin light red in colour -high levels of s.g.o. t, s.g.p. t and s. alk.p

My father suffered from psoriasis few months back, then exformative dermatitis, now his skin is reddish in colour and legs become swollen now and then, he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, he does not have diabetes, cholesterol or any other things. Few days ago liver test was done and it showed increased total bilirubin levels, lower s.globulin level and high s. g. o.t, s. g.p. the and s.alk.please levels, how to get him to normal.

	Elevated SGOT, SGPT signify liver inflammation. There are various causes of hepatitis like infection, abnormal immunity, fat deposition, due to drugs and some storage disorders. 

	Psoriasis is a disease caused by abnormal immune response to skin and joints.

	See doctor for proper diagnosis.