Ran out of my blood pressure meds

Hi ran out of my lidinopril med. For high blood pressure and I can’t afford the doctor for a few weeks. What can I do In the meantime?

It is not a good idea to stop hypertension medicine especially if it is stage 2 hypertension. Check below link, it may help


A shotglassful of organic apple cider vinegar every 12 hours. Make sure to get the real kind, with “mother of vinegar” included. “Mother” looks like creamy junk at the bottom of the bottle. Be sure to shake it up really well before pouring.

What I use to control my high blood pressure is Velerian tea. Any time my face would turn a hot red I’d sit and calm down with a fresh brew. Don’t add salts to your foods, don’t stress to much and try some tea. I haven’t even gone back to my blood pressure pills in ages but I don’t know the affect of your withdrawal from your medication so please be careful.