recently ive been getting boils on my vagina a few days after i shave.What is it and what should i do about it?

They appear when the hair begins to grow back. They get really red and tender and they are filled with pus. I usually 1-3 of them at a time.

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It sounds like an cyst where the hair is trapped inside and can not break thru causing an infection on the inside this is very sore i know…the only thing i can say to try an prevent it is to shave all in the one direction either all up or down as the hair will grow in all different directions otherwise. this is what promotes the ingrowing hair.

I’ve discovered this Wonderful stuff meant to be used for shaving “down there” it is a blue colored gel, I can’t remember what it’s called right now… Somethin to do with bikinis, anyway, try that stuff!! & I bet all ur problems go away! ; )

Probably your skin is sensitive. Instead of shaving trim it

Dont shave vaginal area better user trimmer.

You might want to change your shaver! Reusing the same one over and over is probably why the boils keep coming back. I suggest you let your pubic hair grow out so the boils have time to heal! Find a quality shaver that shaves smoothly and use extra body wash or whatever you normally use to shave so that it is sudsy. Hope it helps…Good luck!!!

trying using the gold antibacterial dial soap when u was that area… my sis was told by a dermatologist to use that soap to prevent boils… only Dial not off brand antibacterial. . its worth a try